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The Voice of Elvis


Elvis had a very flexible and eclectic vocal register for those who never had singing lessons or even conventional theoretical. Elvis, baritone, could reach 3/8 and sometimes reach the vocal recording of tenors and basses, perhaps due to these factors, many connoisseurs of his work, fans properly, call him The Voice. 

According to those who are eager to live performances of Elvis, especially the 70's, he masterfully demonstrated his vocal power, and to this day, still impresses those who do not know his career in its most comprehensive form; Elvis reached in many of his performances called "do breast", which is the musical note "Sol 3", made ​​with head voice - like a falsetto. 

To the surprise of some beginners in his vast work, Elvis was already showing signs of great vocal power already in the 50s, especially in bass notes, the genesis of this future vocal phenomenon occurred in the evaluation of some, in the year 1957 Continuing its evolution as a performer, Elvis would achieve in the next decade, a fairly high vocal maturity, both bass notes and now also in high notes; a milestone in this evolution would be the album How Great Thou Art, recorded in 1966 and released shortly thereafter, in early 1967. 

Elvis began his professional career at just 19 years old, so the transition from adolescence to adulthood, the call puberty, where the voice of Elvis was in full transformation, thus reached its maturity in the later years . 

With the constant use of the voice, the vocal folds become more resilient, responding much better and more readily, allowing the singer to reach high notes and improve the sound quality as a whole, thus making her voice a real instrument, as say that was the case with Elvis Presley. 

The challenge for those who prefer the extension is the tuning, extremely technical corner, and Elvis got several opportunities in the difficult reconciliation, according to experts. One of the hardest notes to achieve is the "C above central", and Elvis hit many times in live shows during the 70s, said by experts. 

With an extensive vocal range and his technique operesca right way, especially in the 70s, Elvis Presley became famous for being one of the most impressive examples of what a singer can do with his voice, turning it into a real instrument, leading to doubt in some people, with their skepticisms, if the performances are even written by Elvis.

By Vinicius Kullack

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